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Doodle made an appearance on Dragons Den with Expresso Ads

No we’re not making it up, exactly. 🙂

One of our clients, Expresso Ads, was on Dragons Den last Sunday night. Expresso Ads is a great business idea which, all going well, we’ll all be seeing more of it soon.

On a presentation that went extremely well and 4 of the dragons making offers, they were almost fighting for a piece of Expresso Ads. Twitter was alight with well wishes and “why didn’t I think of that!” comments, and now the national media is picking up on it too. Diarmaid has been on radio stations and local & national newspapers giving his interviews and promoting his service.

After meeting with Expresso Ads and going through their ideas and vision for the company, we designed a logo and icon for them that will be recognisable and should help their brand stand out. Then we created a concept for the website, based on Expresso Ad’s vision to increase awareness of the service, and as a handy guide on how the process works.

So, good luck Expresso Ads, and we expect to see a lot more of the cups soon as well as some more of Diarmaids entrepreneurial ideas.