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Channel Mechanics

Website | Animation | Marketing Materials

Channel Mechanics is an Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) provider that has developed a suite of Channel Incentive Program Management Solutions (CIPM) to help vendors manage and maximize sales through their channel. Our job was to bring their image/brand to a level that reflected their products. They needed to be look professional but also very approachable. The content and context of the subject can be quite tricky and complitated if unfamiliar with this type of product, so it was vital that it the creative communicated and connected well with the user.

We were tasked with bringing a consistency to the brand that needed to be carried through various marketing requirements such as sales decks, promotional items, animated videos and their website. Channel Mechanics unique award winning platform has already been proven as a market leader, it just needed a brand to support it!

Channel Mechanics Website

For their website, the main challenge was making it very clear what the platform offered. There was also a lot of content, so the website needed to be easy to navigate but interesting enough for the user to continue reading, the user journey was very important on this site as it would have been very easy to loose people if the content they required was hard to find. We had already introduced a character into other design related elements and thought it would be an effective way to highlight various points and soften the feel of the design.

Website Development and Graphic Design in Cork Doodle Animation Logo

We also worked on a series of animations to try and explain the services and various products Channel Mechanics offer. The main challenge was to reduce down the scripts to keep the videos short, while not under selling or misrepresenting the products. The videos again used our character as the focal point and visually explain the benefits of Channel Mechanics platform.