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Advertising, Graphic Design

SuperValu is part of the Musgrave Group, Ireland’s largest grocery and food distributor. With over 223 stores throughout Ireland, SuperValu has served the people of Ireland for over 30 years and has become a well established landmark across Irish communities. Supervalu originally approached us to build awareness and promote SuperValu’s online shopping service. This was used across various media and to establish a consistent look and feel that reflected their reputation and quality products.

SuperValu Emails

One of the main areas we focused on initially was their email campaigns. We developed a consistency to the templates used and looked to improve the UX with A/B testing. We then introduced themed graphics to avoid repetitive emails to the user and look at targeting specific user types with varying content. The new creative now allows SuperValu to call out key features like their app, Click & Collect as well as home delivery, which was the target of their national marketing campaign this year – to drive awareness of the online shopping service & the app, they now have over 87 online stores with 95% coverage across 26 counties. SuperValu wanted to reassure their customers that shopping online didn’t mean compromising on quality – you were still shopping at your local store, just at a time that suited you & from the comfort of your own home!

SuperValu Online Campaign

Since the original awareness campaign – which was the ‘laptop shop’, SuperValu’s online shopping presence has significantly grown, meaning the targets and messaging also have developed and changed. We have worked wit the online team to adapt and create new targeted campaigns to highlight the benefits of online shopping across many different media. From digital adverts and website page takeovers, to Point of Sale, billboards and Luas takeovers all on a national scale.

SuperValu Print Elements

Print items are very important for It’s important that our creative builds on SuperValu’s reputation and doesn’t conflict with in store messaging or seem superior to going to the store to do your shop. Print materials could be flyers, till fins, shelf talkers, exhibition stands, window graphics or various outdoor graphics.

HTML5 Banners

The campaigns we develop are usually supported by a digital campaign, which are promoted on specific targeted websites depending on the focus of a specific creative. Such as Mum themed graphics would be used on sites such as A typical digital campaign would include MPU’s, leaderboards, skyscrapers and website takeovers. With some of the sizes being very restrictive it’s important to make sure the messaging within the designs is clear and there is a definite call to action.