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Why should I use landing pages?

Landing page designLet’s say your business offers a software as a service (SAAS), and that software can serve quite a few different types of clients, each with different individual needs.  Each client segment would have different concerns and needs, and would be attracted to your product for different reasons. If you were to meet each of these clients in person, you would tailor your conversation based on their particular needs, so why not take the same approach with your website?


A generic description of your services  doesn’t cater to everyone, so you could be alienating each of these segments, rather than tailoring your pitch to each. If a page tries to do everything, then it does nothing well. So, how do you have specific conversations with these segments?


By using landing pages! Landing pages are pages on your site, targeted to specific sub sets of your customers. So, you would have a generic services page that would provide an overview of your services, but then it would provide links to individual pages, where the site visitor can learn more about specific aspects of your product, that are relevant to their requirements.


You don’t have to reinvent the site for every page. For example, we’ve done this on our site with pages dedicated to graphic design, website design and user interface design. Each page should answer specific questions and concerns of your target segment.


This will help to increase your conversion rates, since these landing pages are specifically focused on one objective that matches the intent of the visitor. These pages can then be used as for targeted promotions to your mailing list, ad campaigns, etc. So rather than sending everyone to your homepage, you send specific groups to specific, relevant pages on your site that speak to their needs, pain points and offers a solution.


We’ve seen countless examples of somebody spending money on campaigns that send visitors to the homepage of their website. Rather than sending out a generic email campaign to prospective customers telling them about the new product or service that you’re offering and then directing them to your homepage, you would send out a segmented campaign to these high value customers telling them about a specific problem they are having, with the solution that your service/product can provide to solve this problem, and then send them to a landing page on your site, that reinforces the message and solution, with clear calls to action to encourage the visitor to contact you for a demo, sign up for a free trial, etc.


Landing pages don’t have to be just for specific services that you offer either. You could create a landing page with a specific offer to members of a particular organisation that is advertised in the monthly magazine (Chamber of Commerce for example), or it could be a link to a whitepaper / pdf that visitors can download after “paying” for it with their email address. There’s a huge variety of possibilities that landing pages can be used for.


So… here’s our CTA 🙂


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