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Cork Zombie Walk – It was deadly

cork zombie walk 2010This Halloween weekend Cork City was invaded by 100’s of the undead, and all for a good cause!

The idea started from just wanting to do something a bit different, our good friend Edu Mira was leaving the country and all wanted to have a big, memorable send off. We’re all well into everything zombie, via gaming, books, movies etc and had seen zombie walks done in other cities so thought we’d see if we could make it happen in Cork.

We were actually surprised how quickly the idea took off. After seeing the interest go in to the 100’s of attendees on our Facebook page we decided we wanted to do the walk for a good cause, the Marymount Hospital.

We set up ‘The Resistanz’ via a web page and a Facebook event page and the whole event spread like a real zombie infection. We managed to make it into the Irish examiner along with interest from various other newspapers and we’re contacted by RTE Radio one. We’re I had my 15 minutes of fame live with Derek Mooney. We then followed up with a flyer and poster campaign around the city.

The walk started at the top of Patricks Hill at 4o’clock to ensure there was plenty of people still in town to frighten and shock. We staggered and moaned our way through the city centre, stopping off in Merchants Quay and working our way to Oliver Plunket Street, Grand Parade, Paul Street Shopping Centre, through French Church street to the Opera House and finishing in The Vineyard.

It was amazing the effort by everyone involved with all kinds of crazy zombie costume interpretations. The mix of people was also great, young and for a horde of the undead everyone was in great spirits. Really enjoyable day with interest to make the event bigger and better next year!