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American Football and Cheerleaders at Blarney Castle!

chris american football posing with cheerleadersThe Blarney Bowl is a yearly “Superbowl” style event held in Blarney, Cork. The hosts “The Cork Admirals” wanted to increase the awareness of the event and American Football in Ireland, and asked for our help to attract sponsors, supporters and anybody else that would be interested in a fun family day out.

To get the best value from the awareness, we looked at the entire Cork Admirals brand. The old logo was starting to look a little dated, and needed freshening up with a “totally awesome” makeover. The end result is a new logo and website, and most importantly, the Cork Admirals is now well on it’s way to becoming an established brand, that can be used for marketing and has a reputable history that can be used to encourage sponsorship.

Shortly after we took up the challenge of promoting the Blarney Bowl, following a successful facebook campaign, Coors Light confirmed that they would be getting involved as the main sponsors, which increased the profile of the event. Surely, they must’ve heard we were involved 🙂

To compliment the new Blarney Bowl logo, we designed flyers, posters, road signage and press advertising, as well as designing and building a website for the event. We also created a facebook campaign using American Football style collectors cards for the players on both teams, which quickly attracted over 900 fans on the facebook page, with a significant portion confirming attendance.

On the day, over 500 supporters turned out, and the awareness of the event was acknowledged on the radio and in all of the major newspapers and helped raise the profile of the Cork Admirals and American Football in Ireland. Following this years success, the team has already received significant interest in next years event, from both supporters and sponsors, promising to “supersize” next years campaign!