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How to use Facebook for business

The world of online marketing is constantly changing. With over 2 million Facebook users registered in Ireland, almost 44% of the Irish population are now on Facebook!

There are 1,053,000 women compared with 922,000 men and over half of Ireland’s Facebook users are between the ages of 18-34, with the largest age group aged 25-34*.

So, that if you have a product or service offering, chances are that at least a few of those 2 million users (which spend about 20 minutes a day on the site) are potential customers of your business. The question is, what do you do about it?

A successfully maintained Facebook presence can help your business:

  • Get found by potential customers
  • Connect and engage with current customers
  • Create a community around your brand
  • Promote and expand the reach of your content
  • Generate leads!

Instead of charging ridiculous amounts of money to “set up a facebook page for your business”, we’ve decided to give you the benefit of our experience, for free!


Our “How to use Facebook for Business” eBook is an introductory guide to help you get started using Facebook for business. You’ll learn how to:

  • Sign up for Facebook and set up a personal Profile, a business Page, and Groups
  • Optimize your Facebook presence for maximum results
  • Promote your business Page and attract fans
  • Engage with your network
  • Generate leads
  • Take advantage of Facebook’s advertising platform



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*Research by Edelman