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The Best and Worst times to send your emails

So, you’ve prepared your content, got a perfect subject line and tested your email in all the email client applications you can find – but when should you actually send it?

Research has identified patterns in consumers responses to different email marketing promotions throughout the day, to identify the best and worst times to send your emails.


10pm – 9am

The Abyss

An ineffective time to send email promotions – it’s like throwing them into a black hole…


9am – 10am

Consumer AM

The second most popular opening time is at the beginning of the working day, when consumers are receptive to offers on a whole range of subjects.


10am – Noon

Do Not Disturb

Consumers are focused on work and not opening marketing emails.


Noon – 2pm

The Lunchtime News

Consumers are more likely to spend time on news and magazine alerts during their lunchbreak, than opening marketing emails.


2pm – 3pm

In the Zone

In the immediate post-lunch period consumers remain focused on work, only responding to email offers relating to financial services.


3pm – 5pm

A Life Changing Afternoon

Job-related apathy sets in, meaning more emails relating to property and financial services are opened between 3pm and 5pm than any other type of promotion.


5pm – 7pm

Working Late

There is a dramatic rise in holiday promotions being opened during this period. This is also the timeframe during which recipients are most likely to open B2B promotions.


7pm – 10pm

Last Orders

Recipients are more likely to respind to consumer promotions in their own time. Offers on clothes and special interests such as sports and gym promotions perform extremely well during this period,