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Human and Kind

Marketing Materials, Digital Marketing, Packaging Design

Human+Kind’s ethos is that they believe a company should do more than just make and sell products. They believe a company should give back to humanity and the planet and are fully committed to making the world a better place.

Human+Kind’s website needed an update. Their brand had expanded to include a collection of gift sets and lip care products but their website, however, had not, and was no longer an accurate representation of their brand. In addition, their team knew they needed to upgrade the UX/UI for mobile and deliver a better ecommerce experience. Given these requirements, they were in search of a CMS that would meet their mobile needs, provide robust ecommerce capabilities, and be easy to update, allowing the Human+Kind team to add new products, run promotions and more on a daily basis.

Knowing how user friendly and powerful that Woocommerce was, we knew Woocommerce would be the best CMS for the job. Woocommerce allowed us to build exactly what Human+Kind had envisioned: a site that renders and navigates beautifully on mobile, can handle high-traffic ecommerce, and can be easily updated with new content, all while maintaining the brand’s specific look and feel.

“We had very specific needs for not just the UI, but also the customer’s overall experience during the payment process. We are able to easily create the shopping experience that Human+Kind had in mind.”

Since the launch of the new website, traffic to humanandkind.com has increased exponentially – as have ecommerce sales. We were able to deliver exactly what the Human+Kind team needed to grow their brand, without compromising on design or functionality.


Human+Kind took a unique approach to their packaging, opting for much more striking, colourful, busy patterns than the majority of their competitors. Most other brands in this area use clean minimal designs, but Human+Kind wanted to ensure they stood out from the crowd. We have developed full ranges of packaging, from Shampoos to Body scrubs, to lip balms and the range is still growing

We are fortunate to have built a great relationship with Human+Kind and work closely on a wide range of projects. Between Magazine promotions, adverts, POS, seasonal offers and exhibitions we have been able to build consistency and brand presence through a range of design items.

Traffic increased by 53.9%

Sales Revenue increased by 177.57%

ROI in first 10 months 1041%