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Digital Animation

A static image can only tell so much of your story, whereas animation and moving images can add life to your website. So why not use an animation to provide a more effective explanation of your story?

With the ever increasing speed of internet access, and mobile devices becoming more powerful, customers are expecting a rich and entertaining, immersive brand experience. Animation can enhance your story whilst capturing and maintaining your customers attention. Animation can also be an effective way to explain the complicated mechanics of your service to a customer or bring a product to life.

The main objective is to increase the engagement on your website by creating a short explainer video. 

It should be punchy, value giving and clearly get across the main value proposition.

You want an engaging video so we’ll use a mixture of suitable music, fun but professional looking animation and high quality screenshots of your software in action.

We create everything from scratch so together we will decide the following:

    • Target audience – This will dictate a lot.
    • Brand – Colours and ‘look and feel’ we have available to us
    • Pace – Is this lightning quick, super slow or somewhere in the middle?
    • Mix of shots – Lots of options. Some will suit, some won’t. We’ll decide together.
    • The value proposition – This is the main point you’re trying to get across